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Explore different facets of Gizatsuki's identity through their dreams, collect forms and change shape. Beware the curse.

[WARNING: game contains flickering lights and colors, a fair amount of prolonged nudity and mild body horror]
This is my entry for Dream Diary Jam 6! There are currently 5 Forms to be collected and 2 possible endings, with approximately 25-45 minutes of gameplay depending on your play style.

I may expand on this at some point in the future, however it should stand fine on it's own if I don't.

Special thanks to my playtesters:

flynnscreations, PiggButt, Ross (mothmanfrog), PierRoulette, Stella⋆, Zeddybear and Diwata

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TagsFangame, yume-nikki-fangame


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this game has vore 10/10


This was wonderful!! I am frankly shocked how much content you were able to squeeze in here with the time limit! You were able to create a very cohesive and consistent atmosphere, and still make each environment look distinct, which I think is something many yume nikki fangames struggle with. As always I love the animations, very fluid and expressive. Personally, the moon form has to be one of my favorite effects I've seen in a yume nikki fangame...really stunning. Loved the music too, you make some great tunes (though I have to say the reference with the save music made me smile). And on top of all that you were able to add two endings?? Amazing! Keep up the great work :]

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I really enjoyed this! I got both endings.

Some stuff I thought about while playing:

- I like that there's a whole house to explore. Love all the scattered objects, really makes the place look lived in and gives a little insignt into the player character

- You can sit on the bench! I liked that your sprite changes when you press directions. Love little details like that :D

- The panoramas are gorgeous! I espcially liked the one with the bridge and the sparkly water. Also, great use of parallax scrolling throughout the game, like the dark forest and outside of the house's windows. Really breathes life into the enviroments.

- The sorta JRPGish town is a unqiue approach (for a ynfg). It makes the world feel more coherent, but also provides a stark contrast to the much more surreal areas.

- Oh god, the wake up animation when using the Lycanthrope effect caught me off guard! Was not expecting that lmao

- I liked that you told a wordless, but less subtle (more overt? I dunno how to word it) story than other ynfgs. I caught on to the Gender Stuff going on. Yeah, very nicely done with the enviromental story telling (the toilet literally being unusable was so on the nose it made me laugh, but I love it as a symbol of frustration/incompatibility with the gender dichotomy) and the metaphor of bestial/other vs human/socially acceptable.

- If there's any complaints I have is that I heard a few stock RPGM sound effects, which was jarring when everything else was so well crafted. But this is coming from the viewpoint of someone who has spent way too much time around these default assets to your mileage may vary lol

Anyway, fantastic entry. Short, but didn't drag at all and I was interested in finding all the areas and interactables, which is more than I can say for some games. Nice job :D


thank you so so much for such a thoughtful response! 💖💖💖 and I totally get the aversion to stock RPGM sounds - it was mostly a matter of wanting to focus time and effort on other things, I might phase more of them out in future updates haha


I really enjoyed playing this game! I like that it has a cohesive theme and is well put together! I got both endings and really liked the events. Would love to see more!

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thank you! I'm very well considering adding more sometime so we'll see! and thank you again for playtesting for me!


Saw you posting about this on tumblr and came to take a look, it's very cute :) You're right that it stands well on its own, and has plenty of room for additions. I'm particularly intrigued by the museum and the two scenic overlooks. Really solidly done, thank you for sharing!


I'm so happy to hear it, you're very welcome! ^-^


this was AWESOME i played this on call with a few friends and we all enjoyed the hell out of it! really love the art, its beautiful :)

thank you so much!

doing the same thing aswell lolololol


Really cool worlds and forms with lovely pixel art and animations as well!

thank you! and thank you again for helping me with this!